Venue: Online
Class timings: Tuesday and Friday from 11:30 Noon to 13:00 PM
First meeting: 4th September 2020

Course description:

  • Mathematical preliminaries of quantum mechanics: Linear Algebra; Hilbert spaces (states and operators).
  • Heisenberg and Schrodinger pictures.
  • Symmetries: Role of symmetries and types (space-time and internal, discrete and continuous); Symmetries and quantum numbers; Simple examples of symmetry (Translation, parity, time-reversal); Rotations and representation theory of Angular momentum; Creation and annihilation operator formalism for a simple harmonic oscillator.
  • Perturbation Theory
  • Scattering

  • We will also study some additional topics, including some elements of quantum information theory.


Modern Quantum Mechanics by Sakurai.


The grading would be done on the basis of the following weightage :

Assignments (every other week approximately): 50%  

⇒ ONLY students who are crediting need to submit the assignments. Those who are auditing should be present in the tutorials and join the discussions to make sure that they have done the calculations correctly for the assignments.

⇒ Delay in submission: Delay in the submission of the assignment beyond the deadline would attract a penalty of 10% per day unless due to exceptional circumstances with prior knowledge of the TA and/or Instructor. No assignment will be accepted after the corresponding tutorial has been conducted by the TAs.   

⇒ Collaborations in assignments: You are encouraged to discuss with your classmates, but not copy. Any signatures of copying will be penalised by putting a total score of zero for the relevant assignment.

End semester Exam (Take home, the details of the format to be decided): 40%   

⇒ Collaboration for the Exam: As will be elaborated in the question paper, NO collaborations are allowed in the exam. Any sign of copying would lead to cancellation of the exam (a zero will be recorded) and will be reported to the graduate studies cell.

Impromptu class test/quiz (typically once a month, to be announced at the beginning of the class): 10% 

⇒ All students present would need to participate.