ICTS Course no.: PHY-108.5

Venue: Via Zoom for first and second experiments and subsequently in J C Bose Lab

Class timings: Mondays 02:00-03:30

First meeting: 17th January 2022

Course description:

List of experiments:

  1. Surfactant spreading and fracture of interfacial particle rafts
  2. Structure factor of disordered particle configurations
  3. Measurement of Seebeck and Peltier coefficients.
  4. Random Resistor Network


  1. (60%) Written report and presentation for each experiment
  2. (20%) Participation in discussions
  3. (10%) Ability to achieve open-ended goals of the experiment
  4. (10%) Final quiz: at the end of the final experiment each

Students will be individually quizzed on all experiments, for their understanding of the various concepts/ideas discussed throughout the term.