ICTS Course no.: PHY-433.5

Venue: Online

Class timings: Wednesday 2-3:30pm / Thursday 3:45-5pm

First meeting: January 19, 2022

Course description: Reading course based primarily on Baumgarte & Shapiro's book: "Numerical Relativity: solving Einstein's equations on the Computer". Following chapters in order, followed by additional readings:

 1.  General Relativity preliminaries

 2.  The 3+1 decomposition of Einstein's equations

 4.  Choosing coordinates: lapse and shift

 3.  Constructing initial data

 12. Binary black hole initial data

 11. Recasting the evolution equations

 13. Binary black hole evolution

 7.  Locating black hole horizons

 6.2 Numerical Methods: Finite Difference

 6.3 Numerical Methods: Spectral

 A1. Numerical Methods: Discontinuous Galerkin

 A2. Assignment: Literature Review of advanced topic

 A3. Assignment: Evolve scalar waves in curved spacetime using open-source NR codes

Format: Two sessions a week each of 90 minutes with students presenting. Interim problems for tutorials, review assignments for advanced topics.

Evaluation: The final grade will be based on the following components:

  1. Presentation of readings: 40%
  2. Final assignment paper + viva: 30% + 10%
  3. Homework problems: 20%