Venue: Online
Class timings: Tuesday and Thursday from 6:00 to 7:30 PM
First meeting: 3rd September 2020

Course description:

  • Introduction to basic fluid dynamics
  • The Navier-Stokes equation: Analysis, Symmetries, Conservation Laws, Energy Budgets, etc
  • Introduction to chaos
  • Phenomenology of fully developed turbulence: Experiments
  • Scaling laws: Connections with the Burgers equation
  • The four-fifth law: Connections with the Burgers equation
  • Anomalous scaling and dissipative anomaly: Mathematical Treatment
  • Bifractal, beta and multifractal models: Implications for observed scaling laws
  • Closure Models
  • Special topics: 2D turbulence, cascade models, Burgers equation, rotating flows, passive-scalar advection, etc.

Evaluation: 30% assignments, 30% mid semester and 40% term paper.