Venue: Feynman Lecture Hall

Class Timings: 9:30 AM -11:00 AM, Tuesday and Thursday

First Meeting: 11 August 2022

Course description: Quick recap of Newtonian dynamics, Lagrangian formulation, Noether's theorem, Central force problems, Linear oscillations, Hamiltonian formulation, Symplectic geometry, Poisson brackets, Canonical transformations, Hamilton-Jacobi methods, Action-angle variables, Rigid body dynamics, Classical field theory

The course will broadly, but not entirely, follow reference 4 below, but will also have a selection of topics from the other references and articles.


1.  A Student’s Guide to Analytical Mechanics, J L Bohn (2018)
2. No-Nonsense Classical Mechanics, J Schwichtenberg (2020)
3. Classical Mechanics (3 ed), H Goldstein, C P Poole, J L Safko (2002)
4. Classical Dynamics: A Contemporary Approach, J V Jose and E J Saletan (1998)
5. Mathematical Methods of Classical Mechanics (2 ed), V I Arnold (1989)

Course evaluation:
 Homeworks (4 of them with 15% weightage for each), Mid-term exam (20% weightage), and Final exam (20%  weightage)

Credit Score: 4