Class Timings: Wednesday & Thursday from 3:30AM -5:00PM

Venue: Wednesday- Feynman Lecture Hall, Thursday- Chern Lecture Hall

First Meeting: 17 August 2023

Course Description:
(a) Berry curvature and Berry phase, two level systems
(b) Landau levels and integer quantum Hall effect
(c) Graphene and other Dirac materials
(d) Unitary and anti-unitary symmetries, discrete symmetries, parity, inversion, time-reversal invariance and Kramer’s theorem
(e) Basic ideas of topological invariants, winding numbers, Chern numbers, Z2 quantum numbers
(f) Topological band theory and topological insulators, bulk states and surface states, toy models to realistic models
(g) Boguliobov-De Gennes formalism and topological superconductors, Kitaev model and Majorana modes
(h) Weyl semimetals, surface states and Fermi arcs

References: Books • Topological insulators and topological superconductors - Andrei Bernevig • Topological insulators : Dirac equation in condensed matter - S. Q. Shen • A short course on topological insulators - J. K. Asboth, L. Oros- zlany and A. Palyi • Various review articles to be specified

Course Evaluation: Presentation

Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of condensed matter physics at the level of Ashcroft and Mermin, second quantisation, relativistic quantum mechanics

Credit Score: 4