Venue: Online

Class timings: Tuesdays and Thursdays 09:15 AM to 10:45 AM

First meeting: 20th September 2021

Course description:

  • Mathematical preliminaries of quantum mechanics: Linear Algebra; Hilbert spaces (states and operators) 

  • Heisenberg and Schrodinger pictures

  • Symmetries: Role of symmetries and types (space-time and internal, discrete and continuous); Symmetries and quantum numbers; Simple examples of symmetry (Translation, parity, time-reversal); Rotations and representation theory of Angular momentum; Creation and annihilation operator formalism for a simple harmonic oscillator.

  • Perturbation Theory

  • Scattering

We will also study some additional topics, including some elements of quantum information theory.

TextbookModern Quantum Mechanics by Sakurai

Course evaluation:

Assignments (typically one every two weeks): 60 % 

2-month Term paper + presentation at the end of the semester (topics to be listed after the course starts): 20 %

End sem exam (in-class if situation permits): 20 %